Final Post

This semester during our Cognitive Psychology class we have spent much of our time speaking about how the brain influences our everyday life. One of the things that most impacted me was the hemineglect.  I had never heard or even knew that existed before taking this class. At first I wasn’t capable of understanding this scenario. What for others is simple, easy and not worthy thinking of, for others is a struggle in their everyday routine. This has made me broaden my expectations and views on other people. As a New Yorker we many times don’t have the patience we should have with other individuals. Many times we don’t know what incapacitations another person might have.

Another topic we have spoken about in class is the mean to ends analysis. For this summer, as soon as classes and finals are over, I am planning on travelling and making small trips and activities. My boyfriend’s birthday is next month therefore I must set goals and arrange economically and timely to successfully achieve everything I have I mind to do. This analysis helps me stay more organized and more thoughtful of where I want to end up at.

Overall, everything we have covered in class has helped one way or another to understand and broaden our views. Thanks for a wonderful semester.