Final Post

This semester in Cognitive Psychology class I have actually learned a lot. When we went into the topic on selective attention and studying I found it very interesting. Especially in the last summary that I submit in was based on multitasking. Our brains majority time focus on one task and switch back and forth between tasks. In which actually instead of always getting things done faster, we are actually taking a little longer to get all of our things done. Yet our attention goes on majority of things we usually focus on and also our brains also pay attention to minor details that we are probably are intentionally trying to remember. For example, I pulled this stunt off with one of my friends on bottleneck theory. We sat at a bar and I started to talk to her and then I started to ask her if she noticed the group of people who had walked by. She had but I ask if she know what the first person of the group looked like and she said no. Our brain only picks up a certain amount of information but not all details. There was a group of people that had walked by and that was correct, but the first person was actually a blonde woman wearing a jean jacket. It actually shows what goes on in our brain and how much info rations goes into our brain.

Another thing that also caught my attention in class was the brain structure and functions. It is amazing how our brain works and how much it actually does. Without certain parts of our brains we wouldn’t be able to move, talk, think, remember, etc. For example, Hemineglect was one thing that also caught my attention. Its amazing yet so hard that one person can have such a damage to their brain and not be able to see a part of the world as if it did not exist. Yet it actually makes me want to be careful to not hit my head in any way that can damage any section. Overall, this class has taught me a lot of thing, and Professor Hurson actually makes this class very interesting and tries her best to have everyone one. This is the second class I take with her and I hope she teaches another section in psychology.