Throughout this semester there were many important concepts we covered in class that apply to our everyday life. Mostly everything we have learned is something we have done, we are doing or will do in either school, work or at home. One important concept we study in this class and that I can relate to is the spacing effect. It’s important to follow this mainly because we are in school either taking one or several courses. The spacing effect is beneficial especially for those who are trying to study it gives you enough time to remember material. I use the spacing effect and realized it made me a better learner and a better student. I used to be bad at studying and now I can learn things and study with time and even teach it to someone so I can remember the information better.

Another concept that I found important is selective attention. I wasn’t aware of this concept as much before taking this course but it’s shocking to see how we select what we want to pay attention to. Earlier in the semester someone gave an example of having a conversation and if someone is near and says your name your able to engage your attention to where you heard your name from. I’s interesting to see how we can relate this to eyewitness testimony and how sometimes it can be hard to identify somebody due to other things going around. We tend to select what we want to pay attention to and that is what we are able to remember the most clear. This course contained a lot of useful information in which we do in our everyday lives but spacing effect and selective attention were my favorite topics in the semester.

-Rosanna Reyes