Final Summary Post

When we first started this course, I didn’t have much knowledge on cognitive psychology. I must say that after the first chapter, the course caught my attention instantly. As we discussed the different cognitive processes, I came to realize how fascinating the human mind is, and how it works automatically like we’re on auto pilot. Throughout the semester, I became more knowledgeable on how certain parts of the brain worked, and what they were called. As children we are taught that our brain’s(mind) control our everyday functions, but are not told in detail how it works. One of the most important and interesting chapters we’ve covered was the brain. I learned that the brain has three major parts, which are the Hindbrain, Midbrain and the Forebrain. Before I started this class, I didn’t know how important the Hindbrain was, which is the section that contains the medulla. The medulla is where the heart beat lives, and for us humans that’s a pretty important function. I also learned about the four lobes, and how each one has their own functions for our everyday life. The frontal lobe for example (My favorite), controls our movements, and that’s something I never knew before. Another chapter that I found to be very interesting was chapter 5 the working memory. The part that stood out to me the most about this chapter was the short term memory section. I never knew that our memory had a certain amount of units that can be stored. We learned that 7+/2- is the amount of memory that can be stored all at once. In the working memory chapter, it also explains that if information isn’t rehearsed, our short term memory decays, and we forget things in less than 20 seconds. In conclusion, taking this course has helped me learn and understand a lot about how the human cognitive process works.

Julio C Rodriguez