Finsl post

The two theories that formed an impression on me most were means to an ends anylasyss  and sunk cost fallacy in the reason and decisions making lectures. Sunk cost fallacy something I had to learn the hard way in high school. Math wasn’t my stongest subject, yet I found myself in a calculas class. Three months in I had actually wanted to learn something and I had already putbin so much time that I didnt want feel I should drop the class. Half way through the semester I found myself still failing. I stood through it with a C- which in the long run was worse. Dropping the class and having it off of my record would have been the better coarse of action. If I would have used sunk cost fallacy I would have dropped the class because half way through. I should have know the highest grade I could recive is a C+.

Means to an ends analysis me in my life everyday. Just a short few months ago I planned a trip to Paris for me and my girlfriend. Using backtracking I was able to sort out my goals that needed to be acomplished. I started by choosing a destination. Then I had to figure out how to get there, plane bus. Then I had to figure out how to pay for the trip. How long I would have to work. How much time I would need for school ect. Then I would have to find the best rates. Another way I use this is when I do electrical work. The other day I had to run a BX wire or power cable to hang a light. I had to start by drilling holes in the celing. Then start snaking a wire though a wall. Finally to mount the light fixture. By using meams to an end analysis I realized all I would need is a drill, an electric power screw driver, and a Sawzall.

There were many more theories and concepts that are applicable  to my everyday life. Cognitive psychology has definitely helped me to greater understand how I think and approach everyday life. It has also helped me better understand human relations which will help me greatly with my pursuit to become a police officer.