Gardners Intelligence theory speaks about 8 major intelligence types:

Linguistic intelligence
The capacity to use language to express and understand.

Logical-mathematical intelligence
The capacity to understand underlying principles as a scientist would, or to manipulate numbers and operations and test possible solutions to problems the way a mathematician does.

Spatial intelligence
The ability to represent the spatial world internally in your mind, like a navigator or pilot, a chess player or sculptor.

Bodily kinesthetic intelligence
The ability to use the body, in whole or part, to solve problems or to create.

Musical intelligence
The ability to think in music: to hear, recognize, remember and manipulate musical patterns.

Interpersonal intelligence
The ability to empathize with and understand other people.

Intrapersonal intelligence
The understanding of self, of who you are, your own strengths and limitations.

Naturalist intelligence
The ability to discriminate between and classify objects in nature and living things.