Selective Attention

Selective Attention was one of my favorite parts of the course. I found this video that really tests awareness and attention. You have to spot the pickpocket (I had so much trouble with it).


2 thoughts on “Selective Attention

  1. In the beginning of the video I was pay my attention to the two women by the counter, I was wondering why the lady on the right from my view kept moving closer to the lady next to her then I thought it seems like they know each other. However, towards the middle of this video I was able to spot a man, he was on his cell phone, dressed in all black, he had his jacket on his are on one side and on the other side he held his phone. I saw that he walked very closely to a man by the counter appearing to be waiting for an order or change. When the man received what he was waiting for the man in dressed in black quickly went into the other mans bag and took something out. After this happen man in black walked away as if nothing had happen. This video is helpful, it reminds us again for things we have to look out for and that our attentions should be broaden.


  2. I think i had to watch this like 5 times to actually see the pickpocket. I kept watching the black blob that looked like a person on the far right. This was definitely very helpful.


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