Final Post

During my time in Cognitive psychology, I found most of what we learned to be interesting. However I must say that the most fascinating were the concepts involving memory and knowledge. I am a firm believer that education and expanding ones mind is the best way to become a leader in any field. Thus the ability to learn and retain that knowledge as well as past experiences can be life changing.

This class allowed me to understand that each kind of memory is tied to a particular part of brain function. In addition to that, it showcased the differences between Long-term memory, Working memory, and Immediate memory(which is so short-lived that we don’t even think of it as memory). Even more so it introduced us to memorization masters like Joshua fore. ( Lesson : if we practice enough we too could become Memory champs). Furthermore it debunked ideas about knowledge, I being a set talent, either we have the ability to learn or we don’t, I am grateful for this class because of it.

The only “hangup” that I had was my difficulty in posting regularly because I tend to be shy and introverted. Therefore it was an interesting to be challenged by having to put one thoughts out on this blog. As another individual stated earlier “Not everyone considers social media a positive tool” or uses as often as others. Nonetheless, I DO understand the reasoning behind the blog and it was interesting to see how eager and fearless most of  the class was in expressing their thoughts and findings. So thanks for sharing guys. It really was a learning experience.

Thank you professor Hurson.

And have a great summer Spring’15 CogPsy Class.