Final Post

Overall, I found this class to be the most interesting one I’ve had to date. The content was informative and I think everything we’ve learned can be applied to everyday life. There were concepts that we went over that I compared to so many situations I’ve been in. For example, I never knew there was a theory for blocking out some parts of the things I learn (schema theory). Another thing I liked about this class was that it made me realize that there are a lot of situations that our class go through that are similar.

One concept that I think was most important to me was the spacing effect. The spacing effect was repeating things to remember them better. I thought this was important because personally, I am horrible with remembering things. I try many different things to remember as much as I can, however it always slips my mind. I think that by me trying the spacing effect, I’d be able to remember information and study better. I have little or no techniques for studying so it becomes hard to remember everything. This is something I can work on and take with me beyond this class.

Another concept I thought was important was the Attenuation theory. This is the idea that unattended messages aren’t completely blocked before processed for meaning. Some things have a higher threshold than others, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that things that aren’t important are forgotten. This was important because it made me realize that there are things I would know, it just is in a lower threshold than things that are a little more important.


Cultural Cognition

I thought our last lecture on culture perspective was interesting. I never really paid attention to how perception and cognition would vary by culture. One of the things that I wasn’t aware about was the fact that some places do not comprehend pictures as anything more than 2D. Another thing I found interesting was the fact that there are some parts in the world actually make their own language.

Hindsight Bias

hindsight bias

We spoke about hindsight bias in class and it made me realize how often it happens. I thought this picture was funny, because a part of one of Taylor’s Swift’s song “Trouble” says “I knew you were trouble when you walked in”. Anytime a situation occurs (whether bad or good) we always want to believe we knew the outcome of a situation, especially in relationships.

Finding the Real Penny?


I see a lot of people who posted about memory and choice blindness. I saw this picture in my other class and thought of how it can relate to memory. A lot of people will probably get this wrong (I did at first) but it’s weird because we’ve all seen pennies at least everyday, yet we wouldn’t be completely sure which one is the actual one (unless you’re looking at a penny now).