problem solving and brain structure

this article is focused on children in a school were taught a certain algorithm to solve particular math problems and how there brains function to metacognitive pattern as the problem exceeded the exceptions of the algorithim


visual ans spatial cognition

i found this youtube video of this game for children that get home schooled to help with visual and spatial cognition the game is called cat and mouse and after watching this video i feel i need to buy this game for myself. 

retrieving memory

i thought this image was pretty cool describing retreiving memory. we talked about different ways on how we retrieve memory from our personal experience and things we kinda just know because we have a description of what things should look like


i found this article in the New York Magazine talking about how due to the technological advances and all the social media it is very difficult for one to focus ones attention on just only one task however the article continues on how these distractions are beneficial. the article is pretty intressting and made me feel little better on doing fifty million things at one time.