Cognition and Culture 

I found this article and it was very interesting to know that people cultural backgrounds affect their most basic cognitive processes which includes categorization, learning, casual reasoning and even attention and perception. I think this makes perfect sense in the way people learn and adapt to new things in life.


Final Summary 

Cognition Psychology 200 was by far the most interesting yet overwhelming class I’ve taken so far. There was so much to learn but it definitely gave me a clear view of the human mind and what really goes on up there. I think she did a great job and definitely made sure we knew our material,because we all know she did. 

     One of the most important concept that we learn that I feel is very important to our everyday life was Thinking andProblem Solving. I think the well define problems is something that we use in our everyday life whether it’s doing a math problem, spending money and trying to stay on track with our lives. Many of us can use the Means End Analysis to help us stay organize and compare our goals with our starting point. Having a clear view of what you want to accomplish and go to get there. Some people however, may not be organized leading to the I’ll define problems where there goals are not always clear. Sometimes it’s always good to backtrack your steps in trying to achieve what you want and going back to where you started to understand where your mistakes were made and see if you can change it to make it better. 

      I also think perception was very important in knowing how people think and see things. There were many concept learn in perception but the one that stood the most was bottom up and top down. Basically the way we see things that start from the sensory receptors that works up to the brain information that ask you What am I seeing?.  Also how the perception constructs sensory input drawing on past experiences and expectations asking is this is something I have seen before?. This basically shows how information is transferred and stored. We also make meaning of what we seeing and perceive. 

    Overall, we learned a lot and it’s something that I’m definitely going to remember. It was a fun and at times overwhelming with those long study guides but I’m alive and I still managed to do my best. Hope everyone enjoy there summer and don’t study too much!!! Lol 

Cognition and Culture 

I found this article and it actually made a lot of sense trying to understand how people from different culture adapt to cognition. People cultural backgrounds affect their most basic cognitive processes that includes categorization, learning, causual reasoning and even attention and perception. This is why people have some hard time adapting to a different cultural.

A Summary About Coginitive Thinking

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This course of cognitive thinking actually gave me a better understanding of the human mind. Before this class I had so many question in regards to our brain, memory and attention and now I understand how it works. The other day my mother asked for something and I told her I didn’t know. She tells me I never know unless it’s important to me, she made a remark and said “You don’t even remember what color your panties are” lol typical Dominican Mother response. But to think about it, I really don’t remember lol, I tried so hard to remember and I couldnt. It was a total blank to me. Lol it’s crazy !!!

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