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In this class, I have learned a lot about about the brain and how we use it in our everyday lives. Out of the many topics we have discussed in this course, I was really interested in two categories; parts of the brain, mainly focusing on the prefrontal cortex and episodic memory.

In the prefrontal cortex, it is known to be one of the last parts of the brain to mature and thee first one to go. The prefrontal cortex is located in the front of the brain which gives personality, decision making and social behavior etiquette. When I realized how important it is for someone to maintain a good prefrontal cortex, I understood why my grandmother acts so unapologetic at times. Before, my mother would tell me stories of how sweet and polite my grandmother was, when she was in Haiti. Now at age 93, my grandmother would curse people out during social gatherings and rudely comment about people with no filter. I do not blame her nor do I take it personally because I now know that her prefrontal cortex is gone.

Another thing that stood out to the most was episodic memory. I can personally relate this form of memory because I have a very sharp memory. Episodic memory deals with events that you personally experienced. I can recall many of my past experiences vividly. I am not so good with episodic memory because I cannot personally relate to content that deals with other things that regard things outside of my life. when I experience episodic memory, I can emotionally recall my memory to express an event rather than learning memory from a textbook or event that someone else experienced.


Keishia Dormena


Griceans Maxims in Big Bang theory

Good Evening Everyone!

In this episode of the Big Bang theory, they explain the importance of Maxims Theory. Instead of hitting the books trying to memorize it for Wedesdays test, watch this video. I hope you all find it easier. Stay well!

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Keishia Dormena


Im sure we all came across someone, or experienced a time where someone started talking about a memory and another party who didnt even experience that memory began to lie about it just to fit in. Since we are all psychologists the term we use is called Imagination Inflation. Jimmy Kimmel did a segment called “Lie Witness News” where he asks pedestrians about an event that hasnt happened yet and asks them to elaborate. Most of the participants lied so they wont look stupid.

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