Whether it’s short-term or long-term, it’s always a good idea to set some goals, right?



This is something I know all too well. I’m sure we can all relate this to school. You know, that one test you’re absolutely sure you got an A on, only to get it back and you barely passed. That’s by far the worst feeling, and I totally blame it all on overconfidence!

Final Blog Post

This class had an equal share of interesting and dull moments. Granted, I’ll give you this, for a 7pm class, you made it a bit easier to deal with. For the most part, the material in class felt like things we already knew. Like for instance, of course we know we have to pay attention to things in order to learn them, but the explanations and how we even learned that was a mystery to me till this class. Needless to say, the class seemed to have a lot of “duh” moments, as well as “wait what?” moments.

My favorite lesson by far was the memory lecture. This was when Serial was brought up, and the whole class would get involved in discussion. But, the deeper we got into this particular lecture the more evident it was how faulty our memory actually is. Being in a criminal justice school, I’ve come to hear and read about many cases that are swung this or that way based on a witness “memory”. Our memories can be swayed in so many different directions it’s hard to really understand which is ours and which is being influenced by others. So it’s crazy to think that witnesses are asked questions, and so long after the crime has already been committed.

Another concept that really stuck with me was some of the more recent ones, individual difference and cross cultural perspectives. Obviously, we’re all individuals but how do you measure that individuality. And how can someone test culture. These ideas and concepts are so hard to wrap your head around, and there are so many different variables that go along with them. Like mentioned in class, you can just assign someone a gender, culture, or even age, so testing these things becomes very complicated. Yet we have some theories and some ideas about other cultures and differences among people.

These interesting things I’ve gotten from cognitive psych. will stay with me for as long as I can keep them in my memory!


One of those weird puzzles that some people just break the computer over. But once you get them, they’re pretty fun. And the answers are there so don’t go crazy trying to figure out the answers. This was similar to the rebus puzzle that’s in our textbook. 

Big Butts?

I found this picture quite hilarious and thought others might too. We talked about deductive and inductive reasoning in class, a pretty basic concept that isn’t hard to understand. But c’mon guys, did you not LOL at this picture?