Distorted Illusions


This is an example of distorted illusion, seeing something that is not there or seeing it in a different way. Now I can I agree that this image looks distorting and zigzagged but if you take a ruler and put in on the screen to see if the lines are straight, you’ll see that it’s an image distorted.


Selective Attention

Selective Attention was one of my favorite parts of the course. I found this video that really tests awareness and attention. You have to spot the pickpocket (I had so much trouble with it).


i found this article in the New York Magazine talking about how due to the technological advances and all the social media it is very difficult for one to focus ones attention on just only one task however the article continues on how these distractions are beneficial. the article is pretty intressting and made me feel little better on doing fifty million things at one time.



Choice Blindness

Hey guys,

I found this great video on choice blindness. It’s an experiment that is meant to explain this great phenomenon. Choice Blindness is when “we fail to notice glaring mismatches between their intentions and outcomes, while nevertheless being prepared to offer introspectively derived reasons for why they chose the way they did.” In other words, not only do we frequently fail to notice when we are presented with something different from what we really want; we will also come up with reasons to defend this “choice.”