What happens to our brain as we age?

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I found this video where Dr. Bob Berger discusses what is going on in our brain as we age and also what types of cognitive impairments happen. I’m sure we see this in our own lives with grandparents. I think we can better improve our cognition as we get older by exercising and doing brain puzzles. Both my grandparents are in their eighties and my grandma has such a sharp memory (better than me sometimes). Both my grandparents were physically active a few years back and I think that has contributed to my grandparents sharp brain.


Why Women See Differently from What Men see?

I found this interesting study of mental rotation of 3D images and pencil-to-paper images. I find it interesting that men are able to mentally rotate 3d images quicker than females. They continued to study the difference is male in female within spatial navigation. Again, males tested better than females (which to me is odd because men tend to get lost more often driving and refuse to ask for directions). They also studied spatial navigation in sports. Guess who won that category too. There were some categories women dominated in like location of objects. Women were also better at verbal memory. The study goes on to explain other things but I will not give them away. Very interesting how sex differences are so different in visuospatial abilities.

Gender Differences

Is this accurate? I don’t believe it is completely true. Yes we a biologically different but I don’t think gender makes a difference. I’m pretty sure I can find a man that can knit and I can find a woman that can operate a wrecking ball. Gender differences is such a hard topic because like the professor said we can’t assign someone a sex so how are gender difference really studied? There would be no controlled group in an experiment without being able to control the subject. I would like to see a man knitting as much as I would like to see women haul lumber. I don’t think our biological make-up gives us better trait for certain jobs. I think experience is what gives a person better trait.

Gender Differences: In Cognitive abilities, Emotional Behavior, & Mating.

Here is an explanation of the differences in gender. It goes to break down the differences in female and male characteristic behaviors. Keep in mind that these gender differences are not in inherent to differences in sex. These differences are the result of social conditioning, into the roles that men and women should play in society. These gender differences are based on the social norms that have developed over time and have become more socially acceptable in today’s society.


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Cognitive Gender Differences

We discussed the difference in cognitive development between genders. This article further discusses these differences and how each gender develops and approaches situations differently. Though they are not wrong, just different they explain what is typical for a girl and what is typical for a boy. Of course the development can depend on how one is taught and involvement of parental figures etc., I still find it weird how males/females are placed in a stereotypical bucket and labeled as this is where you should be in your development or someone saying “for a girl your age, you should be…”. Though we do have concepts and studies that confirm this, it is fascinating that we can be “wired”similarly because of gender.

Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences

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I found a website that shows a cool interactive video explaining a little bit about each different type of intelligence. You have to click the arrow to see each new slide. The creators of this video talk about each type of intelligence by stating the name, giving a brief definition of it, showing pictures, or videos that describe the specific type of intelligence, then showing the types of jobs each person in category can get with that specific intellect and how students with the specific intellect displays them in  a classroom.

The video ends with a quote from Howard Gardner saying “I made a deliberate attempt to write about “multiple intelligences” : “multiple” to stress an unknown number of separate human capacities, ranging from musical intelligence to the intelligence involved in understanding oneself. It is a pluralistic view of mind recognizing many different facets of cognition, acknowledging that people have different cognitive strengths and contrasting cognitive styles. In my view the purpose of school should be to develop goals that are appropriate to their particular spectrum of intelligences. People who are helped to do so, i believe, feel more engaged and competent, and therefore more inclined to serve society in a constructive way.”