Maxims of Conversation

In this photo, the mother fails to follow the maxims of conversation, resulting in her daughter telling her that “No one says that many nice things about someone unless they secretly hate them”



Evolution of Language

This picture really made me laugh. Then it got me thinking, how did their grunts turn into words? Then words into bigger words, to sentences and to be able to tell stories without pictures. Not only that, why do we have words we can’t even say, like antidisestablishmentarianism. Yet we can’t come up with words for certain feelings so we adopt other another languages word. I must admit, sometimes I wish I could put the bubble over someone’s head and then maybe I’ll actually understand what they say. By the way…antidisestablishmentarianism is really a word. I admit, I had to Google how to spell it though. Lost track after ment.

5 techniques to speak any language

Hey guys

I found this cool video from our favorite Ted Talks where this man Sid Efromovich discusses tools on how speak a new language. I thought it was interesting and I might try it myself (when I have the time) and hopefully be able to learn Portuguese or Italian (because it’s sort of related to Spanish, and might not be as hard to learn).


Interesting Things About Language

In this video, it talks about theories of language and cognition. When we translate words from one language to another, the words do not translate exactly the same. Universalism is when thoughts come before language. This means that your thoughts dictate the language that is to be developed and it also influences the language. Piaget believed that once children were able to think in a certain way, then they developed the language to describe those thoughts. On the other hand, Vygotsky thought that language and thought are different,  but they converge through development. Linguistic Determinism refers to how much influence language has on thoughts. Weak Linguistic Determinism says that language influences thought, while strong Linguistic Determination says that language determines thoughts completely.


This short crash coarse in language was very helpful for me. This quickly goes over different ways we comprehend and interpret language. They discuss how all languages are broken down into three distinct categorizes that ties each different language together (Phonemes, Morphemes, and Grammar). It also touches on how and why children learn languages quicker and more efficiently.