visual ans spatial cognition

i found this youtube video of this game for children that get home schooled to help with visual and spatial cognition the game is called cat and mouse and after watching this video i feel i need to buy this game for myself. 


Cognitive Spatial Nativagation

The above video describes how important spatial navigation is an important cognitive ability in our brain.  It shows how the robot Neco is examining an unknown environment to build a map.  It also shows the robot memorizing the order of the location.

What Does Visual Agnosia Tell Us About Perceptual Organization and Its Relationship to Object Perception?

The article I chose to summarize is about the connection between the ability of the brain to perceive the visual stimuli and organize them in percepts, that will eventually become stored information or prototype for the acquisition of new knowledge.

I found this article really interesting because it talks about a different kind of visual agnosia, called Integrative Agnosia, which is basically the inability to organize the stimulus into a precept and consequently to organize it and see it as a whole rather than focusing on the single elements.

The researcher made various studies on two patients and the results stimulated many thoughts in my mind, because there are so many things unconsciously happening in our mind that we should just stop complaining, because we are able to feel, see and hear so many things, when other people will probably never be able to perceive the world the way we do.

Reference: Behrmann, M., & Kimchi, R. (2003). What does visual agnosia tell us about perceptual organization and its relationship to object perception?. Journal Of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception And Performance, 29(1), 19-42. doi:10.1037/0096-1523.29.1.19