Post Guidelines


  • Posts should be related to the topics we are discussing in class that week
  • Examples of posts include: your response to a class lecture, questions or comments on the reading or lecture, a personal reflection on the reading, a response on or comment to a previous post, link(s) to media or articles that relate to the reading and/or lecture topic
  • Posts with links to outside sites (articles, media) should be accompanied by a 3-5 sentence explanation of what the material is, how it connects to our class topics, and why you chose to share


  • You are required to post at least 2x/per week
  • Posts should be relevant to the course topic and materials
  • Posts should not contain graphic, explicit, or inappropriate content or links to this type of content
  • Posts should be at least 4-6 sentences long
  • Posts should be written in grammatically correct complete sentences and contain no typos
    • This includes capitalization, subject/verb agreement, and correct use of the first-person voice


  • Please read your classmate’s posts, they are sharing information with you!
  • If you liked your classmate’s post, feel free to comment or like it.


  • Posts must be respectful to the instructor, students, and all other individuals and groups of people
  • Before posting, make sure to categorize (Category section on right) the topic you’re posting about (i.e. “brain”, “perception”, “thinking”, “reasoning”, etc.)
  • You should not edit, delete, or tamper with any posts that are not yours or the general architecture of the site
  • The instructor reserves the right to edit or remove any posts that do not follow these instructions or are inappropriate for this site

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